Toddler’s Ballet Classes – A Quick Guide

Ballet classes can be attended by both boys and girls, and provide a great environment for young children to burn off their boundless energy. It also provides an excellent outlet for them to express themselves in a structured environment. Children can start to learn ballet at any age though it’s usually better for them to start younger in order to encourage development of their bone and muscle structure which will benefit their dancing ability as they become older.

Ballet classes usually start from between 18 months and 2 years though you may find that some dance schools provide courses for even younger children. Classes at this age are usually graded according to age, and then will be graded by ability as your child becomes a little older. In the very early classes, the dance teacher will keep your child engaged with by leading classes which involve a variety of different music and movement combined with a little dance instruction and plenty of fun.

Your child will then begin to learn a range of basic ballet techniques including child yoga and storytelling amongst other activities. Your child may also be taught simple pirouettes and how to balance on their tiptoes. All-in-all, this is usually an exciting and enjoyable period of learning for your child and helps focus their mind too. All classes will end with a cool-down session which will usually involve a few stretches for your child. This may sound very grown-up but the teacher will keep the stretching session fun so that your child enjoys it as much as possible.

 There are several benefits of attending ballet classes for young children. It provides an excellent source of exercise that will help improve their skeletal and muscular system, which in turn will improve their posture. Your child will also take part in plenty of activities which will involve a great deal of interaction with other children which over time will help them develop their social skills. Over time, all of these elements will help increase your child’s self esteem and confidence; benefits which they will carry with them into their later life.

Contrary to popular belief that ballet is for the upper or middle classes, it need not be expensive. A typical class will cost anything between £4.00 and £10.00 depending on the area in which you live. You will need to purchase some basic dancewear for your child to attend dance class but there is no need to spend a fortune. If you’re not sure specifically what your child needs, simply ask your dance teacher who will be more than happy to help. They may also recommend a particular style or size for your child.

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