The Most Comfortable Dance Shoes in the World

Jacob Bloch was a shoemaker who emigrated from Eastern Europe to Australia at the peak of the Great Depression in 1930. He began making shoes by hand in the workshop where he lived and managed to save just enough money to bring up his three children with his wife.

Jacob had a love of music and dancing which led him to frequently visit many of the local ballet schools. At one of these schools, he noticed a young dancer struggling to stay en pointe so he promised to make her a pair of better pointe shoes. By 1932 he had made the first pair of Bloch ballet shoes in his candle lit workshop in Paddington, Sydney. At that time, Paddington was very different from the highly fashionable and affluent area that it has since become.

The ballet shoe Jacob had produced was a great success due to its very high quality. During the late 1930s, a great number of international ballet companies such as The Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo toured Australia and bought shoes made by Jacob. He also made-to-measure shoes for a large number of respected Russian ballerinas such as Olga Spessitzeva, Tamara Toumanova, and David Lichine. This added to his success and led him to create a full range of ballet shoes which have since developed into a wide range of dance wear and dance fashion products. Since then, Bloch has remained very much a family business under the guidance of Jacob’s grandsons David and Simon.

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