Heel Taps - Attach yours in less than ten minutes!

You need an experienced cobbler to replace your toe taps because the rivets they use require specailist equipment. However, when you buy a pair of tap shoes with the toe tap already attached, you can save time and money by attaching the heel tap yourself.

Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how to fit your horseshoe heel taps in less than ten minutes (much quicker than going to the cobblers!):

Place your tap over the heel of your shoe carefully aligning it with the edges.
Using something sharp such as a bradawl, lightly mark where the holes in the tap meet the heel of your shoe.
Remove the heel tap and gently puncture the surface of the heel where you've made the light marks.

Be careful not to make the holes too big as you need to allow the screw enough grip to hold the heel tap firmly in place.
Realign the holes in the tap with the small puncture holes in the sole of your shoe.
Use a screwdriver to attach the tap to your shoe ensuring all of the screws are flush with the tap
Your heel tap is now attached!

Quick Tip: To give your best possible performance you need to make sure you have the right size tap for your shoe. Let us know the size of your shoe and type of heel when you order and we'll do the rest!

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