Pre-Primary and Primary RAD Ballet Class Uniform

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the world's most prestigious and influential training and education establishments for dance. If you are studying ballet under regulations set out by the RAD then you will be required to wear a very specific uniform. This article is here to help you understand what your child will need if they are to attend Pre-Primary or Primary ballet classes.

In order to understand the exacting uniform requirements of the RAD, we must first look at how the syllabus works. Pre-Primary or Primary refer to structured grades of dance classes put together by the RAD in order to teach very young children to dance ballet. Pre-Primary and Primary ballet classes are graded by age after which they will progress to Grades 1 to 8 when they will be assessed on their ability.

As well as a very enjoyable hobby ballet is also a discipline which means that wearing a uniform is very important. Many dance teachers also find that having a uniform helps to create unity amongst dancers. This is important because working in unity with other dancers is a crucial part to any dancer's career, whatever their ability may be. As different grades require different uniforms, it also allows teachers and dancers to quickly identify the ability of dancer by the uniform they wear.

For Pre-Primary and Primary ballet classes, girls are required to wear a short sleeve leotard. The latest uniform is in Pastel Pink, Lilac or Marine Blue (turquoise) with a matching wrapover georgette skirt. They will also wear a pair of ballet socks with pink ballet shoes made from either satin or leather. Your teacher will provide advice on which you should choose though leather is preferable as it is much harder wearing than satin. If the room in which the class takes place is quite cool then it's worth encouraging your child to wear a crossover long sleeve knitted cardigan that matches their leotard in order to keep their muscles warm throughout class. A number of teachers also allow girls to wear a matching headband. This is very useful if your daughter has short hair and it will keep their hair out of their face.

The uniform for boys is slightly different to that of girls, though just as exacting. Boys are required to wear a white short sleeve leotard with either Navy or Black Cotton Lycra shorts over the top. On their feet they're required to wear whichever the teacher prefers between white canvas ballet shoes or black leather ballet shoes. With these they will wear white ankle socks.

Before you purchase your uniform, please check with your dance teacher as some dance schools are still adopting the old RAD uniform. This is the same short sleeved leotard for the girls with a matching polka dotted voile skirt. This is still widely available and sold in White, Pastel Pink or Pastel Blue. By checking before you purchase, you will avoid having to return your items.

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