Make-To-Order Ballet Tutus

Tutus come in a wide variety of styles. From classic plain tutus right up to intricately hand made professional ballet tutus. However, ballet and dance are now more popular than ever, and there are some lovely dance tutus that fall right in the middle. So there’s most certainly a dance tutu out there for you, which would look great for any performance or competition. Tutus can be bought ‘off the shelf’ but now make-to-order tutus have become affordable and are being bought from beginners up!

There are two main styles of tutu to go for, so think carefully what look you’d like to look for. These are the Romantic Tutu and Classical Tutu.

The Romantic Tutu has a longer and lighter net in comparison to the Classical Tutu. It also comes with fewer layers, which creates a much softer balletic look. This looks best in White, worn with ballet or pointe shoes and matching ballet tights.

Alternatively the Classical Tutu is still as popular as ever. It’s becoming used more and more for many different styles of dance other than classical ballet. The Classical Tutu has stiffer nets and many more layers, usually six or seven, in order to create a more rigid appearance. Look out for good quality net, as poor quality nets can droop, which will not look as effective when on stage.

When having a tutu made especially for you, you need to consider the bodice (tutu upper) and which nets you’d like.

The bodice can be made in a variety of materials such as Nylon Lycra, Cotton Lycra, Metallic, Velvet and Hologram fabrics. As well as these, printed fabrics are becoming more and more popular.  There are some really elaborate prints available, which are really iconic and will no doubt add extra style to your performance. Some prints around now are Rainbow, Spotted, Polka Dot, Denim or why not go all Stripy with Fluorescent Stripes!

Remember to think about what nets to go for. It’s best to get as close a match as possible to the top part of your tutu. What looks really effective is having two contrasting coloured nets. If you go for a Royal upper, try having Royal and White alternate nets, or have a Polka Dot upper with White and Black alternate nets. Although it generally looks best to have the top net as close a match to the top part of your tutu as possible.

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