Jazz Shoes – Make Sure Yours Perform

Jazz dancing is a high energy dance with a unique style that takes influences from many other genres of dance. It involves routines that include a great deal of twists, turns and jumps so wearing a comfortable pair of jazz shoes is critical for any jazz dancer to give their best possible performance.

The most important element of any jazz shoe is its comfort. Each dancer’s feet are unique and jazz shoes are available as lace-ups or slip-on. You should try both on to find out which ones feel the most comfortable. Slip-on jazz shoes are particularly good for dancers who find that lace-ups dig in or rub the foot. Another important element to making your shoes as comfortable as possible is to choose a pair that will mould to the shape of any dance move you want to perform. This will allow your feet to move without any hindrance. Leather is the best fabric for this as it is durable and breathable though cheaper alternatives include canvas and PVC.

The next element you need to consider is the sole. The wide range and fast pace of dance moves mean that these will be subject to a great deal of wear and tear throughout dance classes. Suede soles are usually best for this as they’re very hard wearing and can be brushed with a suede sole brush to prolong their life even further. In fact, most leather soles will outlast the shoe itself! If you’re a beginner then choose a pair of jazz shoes with a full sole. This will encourage the muscles in your foot to develop which will help you develop the high level of control and precision required by jazz dancing. Once the muscles in your foot and your ability have developed, you can proceed to a split sole shoe from which you will benefit from greater freedom of movement.

Finally, you need to ensure that your jazz shoes are lightweight and breathable. This is because you need to feel as free as possible when performing – you certainly don’t want to feel restricted by a heavy pair of jazz shoes! Lightweight shoes allow for complete freedom of movement allowing you to fulfil your potential throughout your performance. Whilst performing, you will find that you may find that your feet are prone to sweating. You therefore need to make sure that your jazz shoes have plenty of air circulation by choosing a fabric such as leather which is breathable to prevent any discomfort caused by sweat and to ensure that your shoes remain as comfortable as possible.

You’ll find jazz shoes in most good specialist dance shops where you’ll also be able to obtain advice about which ones to choose. You will also find that you’ll be able to get information about any other dancewear you require. If you’re looking to buy jazz shoes at for the cheapest possible price then you may choose to shop online where you will find a whole host of specialist dancewear retailers.

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