Jazz shoes are highly versatile

Jazz shoes are a highly versatile style of dance shoe. Though they are designed for jazz they are suitable for countless other styles such as rock 'n' roll, modern, urban, and many more.

There is a wide variety of to choose from. High-rise, low-rise, slip on, lace ups, split sole, full sole, rubber soles, suede soles, mesh insoles, pvc upper, and leather upper are just a few of the variations available.

They are suitable for almost any type of dance floor. Many have a rubber sole which is great for an uncovered concrete or wooden floor because the rubber offers traction and a little bit of shock absorption too. For marley covered floors, suede soles are better suited because rubber can stick to this type of surface which can make some dance moves unnecessarily tricky.

A great deal of communication between manufacturers and dancers over the years has led modern the jazz shoe to be manufactured from very light soft leather. This enables the shoe to form to the foot for maximum comfort. Company's such as Capezio go a little further by sometimes using fabrics such as perforated nubuck in addition to leather on the upper to help keep the dancer's feet cool and dry during dance class.

Every dancer's feet have a slightly different shape but there are jazz shoes designed for all. Some dancers find that the laces on lace-ups can dig in. This has been overcome with the creation of slip on jazz shoes which offer an excellent alternative. Not only are these highly comfortable but they're also very attractive as they articulate the foot and allow the dancer to point and flex, and easily roll over the arch of the foot.

Jazz shoes are available with either a full sole or a split sole. Most beginners will begin learning to dance with a full sole as this offers maximum support. As the dancer becomes more experienced, they will progress to a split sole which offers much more flexibility of the foot. If the dancer finds that their shoes cause them any discomfort such as sore ankles or bunions, then the they should simply try another pair with a slightly different fit.

Jazz shoes are available from a wide range of brands such as Bloch, Dance Gear, Capezio and So Danca. As well as manufacturing jazz shoes, they also produce a wide range of other dancewear, bags and other dance accessories that dancers often use in dance class and for fashion.

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