Jazz Shoes – Get The Style and Support You Need

There are many different styles of dance which each have their own techniques and demands. With these different techniques and demands come a range of requirements of the foot. So, what may be your perfect shoe for one style of dance is unlikely to be the perfect shoe for another. Jazz dancing is no different as jazz shoes provide a very specific range of benefits to the dancer.

Jazz dancing is an exciting style of dance influenced by many other dance styles and requires the dancer to easily execute many spins and turns usually at a fast pace. This means that jazz shoes have the complex task of providing enough traction to quickly and easily move around the performance space, whilst still allowing the dancer to easily execute the necessary spins and turns. Jazz shoes usually have suede soles in order to allow this. One of the added benefits of suede soles is that they’re also very light and flexible.

In addition to providing adequate traction, the jazz shoe also needs to provide the dancer with plenty of support in key areas such as the ankles. The complex series of spins and turns which are regularly performed by jazz dancers place a lot of pressure on the ankles so it’s important for the shoe to provide extra support in this area of the foot. By providing extra support, jazz shoes are able to minimise the likelihood of injury.

As with any type of dance shoe, it’s extremely important for the jazz shoe to provide the dancer with the best possible fit. As well as providing comfort, a well fitting shoe will also ensure that the right amount of support is provided to the right parts of the foot. This means that jazz shoes are available in a very wide range of sizes ranging from very small child sizes to large adult sizes which is great as it makes jazz dancing accessible to all ages.

A really fun thing about jazz shoes is that they’re usually available in a wide range of colours and styles. Other styles of dance such as ballet usually requires dancers to choose from a relatively restricted range of colours. However, the nature of jazz dance is that it takes its influence from a range of different styles of dance which means that the dancer has more freedom of choice. This means that you can choose a pair of jazz shoes that really fit the theme and style of the performance you are taking part in. It also means that you can choose a pair which may be unique to you and really help you stand out!

No matter which jazz shoes you choose, jazz dancing is great fun and as long as you choose a pair which fit you well, they will provide you with all the support you need so you can enjoy many hours of dancing in them.

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