Help Me Find A Ballet Leotard For My Child

If you’re reading this article you’re child is probably about to start ballet class for which they need a ballet leotard. If you’ve never before been involved with dance or ballet it can be difficult to know where to start so hopefully we’ll be able to help!

The best place to start is to have a chat with your child’s dance teacher. Most dance schools have a very specific uniform as it helps provide unity among students. Many teachers also feel that it helps put students in the focussed frame of mind which is required for learning to dance. Many teachers are very specific about the ballet leotard they will want your child to wear – often recommending a particular style, brand and colour – which makes choosing the leotard much easier for you.

Once you’ve found out which style of leotard is required by the dance school, the next thing to consider is the fit. This is the most important element of a leotard as learning to dance requires a lot of commitment and therefore your child will find that they spend a lot of time wearing their leotard. When your child tries it on, encourage them to move around by bending backwards, forwards and even sideways to see how well the leotard straps stay in the same place, and to check that it doesn’t pull anywhere. It’s also worth encouraging your child to a few leg lifts to see how well the leotard moves with their body. The leotard should have a little give and should stretch nicely as the body moves, easily returning back to its original shape. If the leotard pulls under the arms or if the straps fall down then you should try a different size.

When setting out to buy your leotard, you’re likely to find a wide range of local dance shops in your local area where your child will be able to try on several different leotards and get some useful advice. If you’re shopping around for the best possible price, there are many online retailers which offer a wide range of dance wear at excellent prices. Most of these will offer quick delivery which means your child can receive everything they need for dance direct to their door. Be sure to check out their terms and conditions to ensure you receive the best possible service!

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