Girls Satin Ballet Shoes are Truly Beautiful

Soft ballet shoes have been worn by ballet dancers for many years. They’re designed to be very lightweight and highly flexible to enable ballet dancers to perform with true elegance. Ballet shoes are mainly available in three fabrics which are leather, canvas and satin. Each have their own advantages but it is satin is the most beautiful of the three.

The most popular ballet shoes are made from leather due to its durability. It’s lightweight, hardwearing, easy to maintain and moulds to the shape of the foot offering a really beautiful line. Canvas ballet shoes are also popular as they’re a cheaper alternative to leather. They’re often preferred by some male dancers who find that they don’t stick to the floor like leather can due to their extra weight. Like leather, canvas is also very hardwearing which makes it particularly good for those intense ballet classes which put your shoes through just as much rigour as your body!

Whilst leather and canvas have many qualities that a dancer will find useful for ballet classes, it’s satin that is the real star. It’s not quite as hard-wearing as leather or canvas but then it’s not designed for the same purpose. A dancer will buy leather or canvas ballet shoes for everyday classes and rehearsals but should keep their satin shoes for those special performances, auditions or dance festivals. This is because satin ballet shoes are by far the most aesthetically pleasing but also highly practical too as they’re lightweight, highly flexible and breathable. Another benefit of satin is that it’s available in a wide range of colours such as pink, white, ivory and a good quality pair will be easy to slip on and off which is highly useful in a performance that requires quick changes.

If you’re looking for a pair of ballet shoes for ballet classes then you can’t go wrong with either leather or canvas. Out of these, leather is the best but both are hard wearing, durable and fairly easy to maintain. However, if you’ve got an extra special performance, festival or audition just around the corner then you really can’t make a better choice than a pair of satin ballet shoes. Their delicate and attractive appearance will really be a great finishing touch to your costume. They’re also highly comfortable and give a great line to your foot too which will help make your performance that little bit more impressive to watch.

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