Don’t Forget Your Tap Shoes!

Whatever your chosen style of dance, there are items of dancewear which are absolutely critical to make sure you can give your best possible performance. The dance clothes you choose to wear can be for both fashion and function, but few pieces of dancewear are as central to the performance as tap shoes. Without them, there would simply be no tapping in tap dancing!

Tapping is, of course, one of the most important elements to tap dancing as without it tap dancing would simply not exist. The distinctive percussive sound produced throughout tap dancing is created by the motion of the heel and toe taps making repetitive and rhythmic contact with the floor. Combined with an impressive series of jumps, spins, twists and kicks, this creates an impressive performance in which the dancer literally becomes a part of the music to which he or she is dancing.

There are many different types of taps available for tap dancers to choose from and each offer a variety of advantages. By far the most popular taps are teletone taps. These have two main components – the tap itself which is visible on the sole of the show, and the sounding board which lies between the tap and the sole of the shoe. Both of these are attached to the tap shoe using a series of small screws which can be adjusted to finely tune the sound of the tap created. This enables the tap dancer to create a tapping sound which is a perfect match to the dance they are performing.

Tap dancing is a highly popular style of dancing and a favourite among many. It appeals to all ages though children in particular are often attracted to it by the characteristic tapping sound made by the shoes as they hit the floor which epitomises the style of dance. It’s also popular amongst the older generation who may remember when tap dancing was at the height of its popularity.

When dancers set out to choose a pair of tap shoes they will take into consideration two key elements – function and fashion. And it’s important that these are considered in the right order as function is most certainly more important than fashion. Any experienced tap dancer will tell you that a well fitting pair of tap shoes is many times more important than a pair which simply look good as an ill-fitting pair will hamper the ability of even the most talented of dancers. If you’re setting out to buy tap shoes for a child who is still growing, allowing for growing space should be done with caution because when tap dancing the feet have to work very hard. This means that even the slightest of movement on the foot can cause painful blisters which will both hinder the ability of the child and also take the enjoyment out of learning to dance.

With the right fitting pair of tap shoes, tap dancing is great fun and great for your health too! Unlike jogging around your local neighbourhood in the rain, tap dancing is varied and you’re likely to meet a large number of like-minded people too. And there’s no need for it to be expensive either as there are a wide range of cheap tap shoes available from a wide range of specialist online retailers which are able to offer swift delivery too. So, if you’ve got a natural sense of rhythm, what are you waiting for? Don’t forget your tap shoes and go out and get tap dancing!