What Makes Dancing So Good For Children

When looking at a pair of ballet shoes, they may look dainty but don’t be deceived. Any dancer will tell you that dance classes and rehearsals will really put them through their paces!

A lot of people think dance is easy but it requires a great deal of commitment. Children learning to dance often attend two or three dance classes a week. These dance classes often begin just as the school day ends which requires concentration for long periods of time. This is great for a child’s social and psychological development, and is much more fun than sitting in front of the television or computer.

Dancing can also help with a child’s personal development as they become older. Developing friendships and interacting with a social circle outside of school is a great way to develop social skills that will stay with your child for the rest of their life. It encourages regular exercise which is likely to be continued into adult life, and teaches time management as the requirement to manage homework around dance classes increases.

Some children find that they are particularly talented and decide to attend full time dance school. This is highly rewarding and also very intense. Full time dance students often dance for six hours a day for five days a week in preparation for several competitions and performances every year on top of their regular assessments. The many performances that dance students take part in require them to perform in many different dance costumes which is something that many dancers get a lot of enjoyment out of! Graduates often go on to become professional dancers, choreographers, and dance teachers teaching dance to younger children.

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