Suede soles - Make yours last longer

A well maintained dance shoe can make a big difference to the quality of your performance. Most dance shoes have suede soles because they’re suitable for almost every type of dance floor, and allow for quick spins and rotations.

Here are a few maintenance tips that will help you prolong the life of your suede soles.

Wear them Indoors Only
It’s important to keep suede soles clean and well away from any dirt. Substances such as chewing gum can be difficult to remove, and any dirt picked up by your shoes can damage the floor of your dance school.

We recommend taking your dance shoes to dance class in a bag.  A carrier bag will do but why not check out our dance bags to see how even the tightest of budgets can get you something much more stylish!

Be careful with water!
Water gives suede soles unwanted grip which can be a hindrance when spinning or rotating. So, if you’re a Latin or Ballroom dancer at a social event watch out for those spilt drinks!

Water can also shrink suede. So, instead of submerging your soft ballet or jazz shoes in water try gently brushing them with a soft clean shoe brush. If your shoes are leather, you can even use a slightly damp cloth to gently wipe them down  – just be careful not to get any water on the suede!

Regularly maintain your soles with a Suede Sole Brush
Using a suede sole brush on the soles of your shoes once a month or so will help prolong their life and improve their performance.

Here's how to do it:

1. Using just a couple of strokes from toe to heel, quickly brush off any dust from the soles of your shoes.

2. Next, you need to move the nap – this is the soft surface of the suede – back into alignment. To do this, use the suede brush to brush the soles of your shoes in one direction from heel to toe.

4. Your suede sole should now be almost as good as new!

We recommend using the Roch Valley Suede Sole Brush as it has a handle to protect your hands from the steel bristles.

Quick tip: The suede sole of your dance shoes may sometimes become worn and smooth. In order to return it to its original condition, simply buff it with some fine sandpaper to give it back that fuzzy suede texture.

Follow these simple steps and your suede soles will continue to help deliver your best possible performance!

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