Dance Leotards – Different Fabrics and Bra Lining

When looking for a dance leotard you can be amazed by the number of different varieties available – halter neck leotards, strappy backs, bra lined, cotton, tactel… the combinations are endless! However it’s important to choose a leotard which you feel comfortable in so that you can perform to your best!

The first place to start is to check with your dance teacher, as most dance schools have a uniform from Toddlers right the way through to Advanced dancers. If you are following a particular regulatory body such as RAD or ISTD, it’s likely that your dance teacher will stick to regulation uniform. The main advantage of having a uniform is this creates unity within a dance class and no one is singled out.

Dance leotards are available in many different fabrics, and an increasing number of new fabrics are being introduced. A true favourite amongst dancers is cotton lycra as it is soft to touch and unabrasive to the skin. Tactel nylon lycra is also becoming increasingly popular due to its performance qualities which include excellent stretch and quick evaporation of moisture - great when you’ve been hitting the studio hard!

When it comes to children’s leotards, nylon lycra is still as popular as ever. This is mainly down to it being very hard wearing and its long lasting colour. Children love this shiny fabric too! Nylon lycra garments tend to have more colour choice available, with fluorescent colours also being available. Crushed velvet is still popular amongst tap and modern dancers due to its shine when moving in different lights.

If you’re looking for more support in your leotard, you first need to consider what style of leotard you are looking at. For a leotard with a scoop neck and thick straps, you may be able to wear a bra without it being seen. A good example of a dance bra is Capezio’s clear back bra. This is a double layered bra offering support, detachable clear back strap and adjustable straps. Please check with your dance teacher whether this is acceptable.

Popular dancewear brands such as Bloch and Capezio have recently introduced a number of dance leotards with support in mind, most of which being manufactured with a bra lining. This allows dancers to still wear halter neck dance leotards or strappy dance leotards without losing confidence.

A new exciting development by Capezio is the introduction of BraTek. This is a bra liner with softly moulded bra cups that are partially attached to the inside of the leotard. It looks great as it offers a natural appearance but still allows the freedom of movement. This is currently being offered in a few styles by Capezio but is another option to dancers who want a bit more support.

There are a whole host of leotards available, but it’s worth thinking about what qualities you want your leotard to have. You need to decide whether bra line support or fabric choice is more important. Don’t forget to check with your dance teacher or dance school before purchasing a leotard in case you need to follow a specific uniform!

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