Dance Leotards - Choose the best one to suit your needs

Dance leotards are worn by dancers for practice and performance. They can vary in design, colour and quality. If you’re new to dancing and want some advice on choosing the best leotard to suit your needs, here are some top tips.

You should first consider the requirements of your dance school or dance academy. The vast majority have a specific set of requirements which will determine the type of dance leotard you need to buy. The reason for this is that many dance teachers feel that having matching leotards helps to create unity amongst dance students. To achieve this sense of unity, the dance teacher may simply require you to buy a leotard in a particular colour. However, it’s just as likely that your dance teacher may ask you to buy a specific style of dance leotard in a particular colour and from a particular brand.

Once you know which dance leotard you need to buy the next stage is to make sure you get the right fit. A well-fitting leotard will provide a snug fit all over the torso without being too tight. When fitting your leotard, it’s important to remember that the leotard’s purpose is to allow for unrestricted movement. A leotard that is either too big or too small will not allow for this. The tell tale signs of a leotard which is too small are that it will be too tight between the legs and will pull under the arms. It may also be tight around your stomach and chest. If the leotard is too big, it will feel baggy in these areas so trying another size is advisable.

Your dance leotard should be comfortable as you may be required to spend relatively long periods of time wearing it during classes and rehearsals. A good idea can be to practice moving around in your leotard when you first try it on. Try doing a bend forward, a bend back and see if the straps and front of your leotard stay roughly in the same place. You may also want to try doing some leg lifts to see how well your leotard moves with your body. A good leotard should have a little give, should stretch nicely when you move your body and legs around and return comfortably back to its original shape without seams pulling or straps falling down.

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