Capezio – Great Leotard Designs For All Dancers

Capezio has had a great reputation for producing high quality dancewear for many years. Since its humble beginnings in a small cobbler’s in New York City located diagonally opposite from the Metropolitan Opera House, Capezio has grown to become a world leader in high quality dancewear.

Just like many other dancewear manufacturers, Capezio makes a wide range of quality basic dance leotards. Many of these dancewear basics are used as uniforms by dance schools all around the country. These basics are most likely to be manufactured from Cotton Lycra which is very comfortable, breathable and easy to care for which makes it very popular for many dancers. Another popular fabric used by Capezio is Tactel which is more lightweight that Cotton Lycra and very soft to touch. Though Tactel leotards have not been around as long as those made from Cotton Lycra, they’re steadily becoming more popular amongst many dancers.

In addition to producing a range of basic leotards, Capezio also have a reputation for being particularly innovative when it comes to new ideas and new designs. A recent development by Capezio is the revolutionary BraTek design which is designed to give dancers more support when dancing whilst still providing a natural look to the leotard. This is achieved with the use of a bra liner with softly moulded bra cups which are partially attached to the inside of the leotard. There are no seams on the bra cups which means that they are completely invisible from the outside. In addition to the bra cups is an adjustable clasp at the back of the leotard which means it’s possible for the dancer to adjust the leotard for a comfortable fit. Though this is a relatively new development, it is proving popular amongst dancers so hopefully we will see more designs using the BraTek feature soon.

If you’ve decided that Capezio leotards are for you, then you’re likely to find a dance shop in your local area. If you’re looking to buy your leotard for the best possible price it’s worth taking a look online where you will find a wide range of specialist dancewear retailers. Most of these are able to offer quick delivery and a high level of service. Just remember to make sure that the website you choose has a secure payment gateway and check that they have a simple exchanges policy so you can easily exchange your leotard if you need a different size.

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