Capezio Ballet Shoes are Simply Fantastic

There are a range of other dance brands that produce ballet shoes such as Bloch and Dance Gear but Capezio has a particularly interesting history. For many years Capezio has had a reputation for producing high quality dancewear for dancers ranging from the youngest of novices to the most established professional. They are known for a range of garments including leotards, jazz shoes, tap shoes, warm ups and many more. This article takes a quick look at Capezio ballet shoes, as this is where the story of Capezio began.

It began as a very small Cobbler’s shop located diagonally opposite from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. The shop was opened in 1887 by Salvatore Capezio who made set up business to repair dance shoes for performers from the theatre. As company legend tells, Capezio made the transition from repairing shoes to making them when he was required to make an emergency pair of ballet shoes for performer Jean de Reszke. As the story tells, it was here that Capezio’s reputation for manufacturing high quality shoes began.

High quality ballet shoes are important for all ballet dancers as they possess several advantages over budget pair. A good quality ballet shoe will last a long time, will give a better line to your foot and provide a better fit enabling you to perform to your full potential. Most of these ballet shoes will also feature a drawstring which runs around the top where the foot enters the shoe. This ensures that the shoe has a really snug and comfortable fit. Another feature of most high quality ballet shoes are criss-cross elastics which are pre-attached at the heel. This enables you to attach the elastics in a position at the front of the shoe where they provide the best fit.

A ballet shoe which I particularly like is the Capezio Cobra Leather Split Sole Ballet Shoe which is made from very soft, supple and durable leather. Leather is particularly good for ballet shoes as it is easy to clean – it can be simply wiped down – and it moulds to the shape of your foot too which means it gives a beautiful line to the foot. Even though it is slightly more expensive than other fabrics in which ballet shoes are available such as canvas and satin, it will far outlast them which makes it excellent value for money.