Bloch Jazz Shoes are Exceptional

Bloch is a very established dance wear company that has been manufacturing dance shoes for nearly eighty years. The company was founded by Jacob Bloch who began making shoes by hand in his workshop after emigrating from Europe. He began my making high quality pointe shoes but over the years the company he formed branched out into making many types of dance shoes including jazz shoes.

Jazz dancing has been around for many years but is continually evolving. Its roots can be traced back to the African slave dances of the 1800s, and its popularity has seen it spread to social dances and also onto Broadway through legendary choreographers such as Bob Fosse. Since they started manufacturing jazz shoes, Bloch have continually kept up with the times as they produce a range of jazz shoes which are fashionable and contemporary whilst still offering superb functionality to give the dancer the maximum possible control over their footwork and movement.

Modern jazz dancing continually takes influences from other styles of dance such as ballet and contemporary. This means that any proficient dancer will require excellent technique, and some of the best jazz dancers benefit from good knowledge of ballet. This means that training for jazz dancing will almost always include lessons in ballet.

Just like ballet shoes, wearing the right type of jazz shoes is very important for jazz dancing. You should make sure that they have plenty of spring and are highly flexible whilst still providing plenty of arch support. Jazz shoes are often manufactured in very soft leather as this is very lightweight, breathable, offers great flexibility and also moulds to the shape of the foot over time. They also sometimes have split soles but jazz shoes with this type of sole are not usually only used by more experienced dancers.

The breathable quality of your jazz shoes is very important. This is because dancing is a high energy activity meaning that your feet will be prone to sweating. If your dance shoes do not allow your feet to breathe sufficiently, you may find it difficult to move and even experience discomfort. Many Bloch jazz shoes are therefore manufactured from leather which is a naturally breathable fabric. Those shoes which are made from other fabrics often have mesh vents to enable air to circulate around the shoe throughout performances.

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