Ballet Tutus - Create An Impressive Dance Costume

Every dancer - young and old loves to perform in a tutu. Often perceived to be very expensive, tutus can be a great value and look highly effective whether performing a solo performance or as part of a troupe. There are a number of different ways to use a dance tutu for your performance, and this article is here to give you a few ideas.

Ballet tutus are often worn for ballet, but can also be used for more retro styles of dance. If you wear with metallic or contrasting tights, dance sneakers or jazz boots, the tutu can be turned into something altogether more modern and striking. Funky styles of tutu with different fabrics such as velour, fluorescent, metallic and hologram fabrics look fantastic under stage lights! If you're looking for something even more unique try a tutu in a printed fabric such as Rainbow, Multi-Coloured Spots, Polka Dot and Fluorescent Stripes.

If you’re after something a little more classical, you may wish to choose a tutu with longer softer net. This style is known as the Romantic Tutu. The longer net is often perceived to be a more mature choice due to its free flowing qualities which look great when worn with ballet tights and pointe shoes. Going to your local market and buying a few sequins and a small amount of lace is also a great way to add detail. By adding a row of lace to the shoulder straps or sequins down the front of the ballet tutu will turn your Romantic Tutu into a costume which truly stands out. If you’re not quite up to sewing, you can even use a little bit of glue. Just remember to take into account the flexibility of your garment. Less is often more as covering a large part of your garment with sequins can inhibit the dancer's movement. However, a little bit of well-placed sparkle and detail can really capture the audience's attention - especially under the theatre lights!

A cheaper alternative than choosing a tutu, is going for bando. This is a short tutu skirt, with short nets attached to an elastic band. When worn with a matching leotard, this looks like a tutu, but much cheaper! These are available cheaply online making them an effective but cheap dance costume. Again you can customise it yourself to make it that extra bit special. Top dance brands Bloch and Capezio are now bringing out new styles of tutu-style leotards with short nets. These brands are great for quality and design and are perfect for both performances and rehearsals.

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