Ballet Leotards Can Be Many Different Colours

If you decide to take up dancing there are certain pieces of dancewear which are absolutely critical to being able to perform. One of the most important items of dancewear is the ballet leotard. This is a skin tight garment that covers the torso leaving the legs and most often the arms free. It’s main function is to allow for complete freedom of movement whilst also allowing the audience to clearly see the placement of the dancer’s body. The ballet leotard is available in a wide range of different styles such as tank, camisole, cap-sleeve, long sleeve and polo neck, as well as in a massive array of colours too.

The art of ballet dancing is rich in history and its earliest roots can be traced back to Italy in the late 1400s. Though it didn’t’ develop into the form we know today until the reign of Louis XIV in France during the 1600s, ballet continues to carry with it many traditions. My people believe that one of these traditions is that the ballet leotard should either be pink or black. Whilst the uniform of many dance schools may mean that leotards are often this colour, it is not necessarily tradition as ballet leotards are available in a whole host of colours.

Ballet leotards are available in a range of colours that is simply enormous. Nylon Lycra leotards often offer the most choice with some fantastic bright colours such as candy pink, jade, lilac, med blue, purple, raspberry, red, turquoise, vert, yellow and several fluorescent colours for a really striking look. Of these, purple is particularly popular and very much in fashion at present. Darker colours such as black, brown, burgundy, caramel, forest and royal blue are also available which makes Nylon Lycra a highly versatile fabric when it comes to choosing colours. Nylon Lycra is a slightly glossy fabric meaning that the colours are particularly vivid which looks great under the stage lights.

If you’re looking for a ballet leotard with colours which are not quite as striking as the bright colours offered by Nylon Lycra, then Cotton Lycra is a good alternative. This fabric is available in a slightly smaller range of colours including lavender, lilac, marine blue, mulberry, pewter and purple amongst others. You won’t find many fluorescent colours available in this fabric due to its matted nature but it’s often considered as a good option for older dancers who are looking for a more mature look from their leotard.

Sometimes, a dancer may be looking for something a little more special than a simple plain colour. For this there are a wide range of specialised fabrics in which leotards are sometimes manufactured. Some of these more specialised fabrics include velour, metallic fabrics and printed fabrics too. Each of these usually has a Nylon Lycra base which means that leotards made from these fabrics possess all of the formfitting qualities required by the dancer. Printed fabrics such as those with fluorescent stripes, camouflage prints and animal prints amongst others can provide a great deal of inspiration to dance teachers or choreographers when searching for ideas for shows.

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