Ballet dancing is great for children

Even the most determined of parents can find it a challenge to encourage their child not to spend too long sitting in front of the television or computer. Furthermore, it can be very difficult to find alternative activities that they will find fun.

Learning ballet can be an excellent solution as it provides a great deal of benefits for children. Any good dance school or dance academy will have well structured lessons that are carried out in a safe and structured environment. In these classes your child will be both physically and mentally challenged which will help focus their mind and maintain their interest. As their ability improves, so will their co-ordination, self control and discipline which will in turn improve their self confidence. Furthermore, it will provide a positive natural outlet for their abundance of energy.

Learning ballet from an early age is particularly beneficial as young children are far more receptive than adults. They find it easier to learn and also have far fewer inhibitions so it’s far less likely that they’ll feel insecure or embarrassed about performing a particular move. With the initial emphasis on play, learning ballet can also play a significant role in the mental and emotional development of children.

A common myth is that ballet is an expensive hobby for the upper classes and very wealthy. This may have been the case many years ago but it’s certainly not the case now. This is because good quality ballet wear required by the ballet dancer does not have to be expensive. Popular dance brands such as Capezio, Dance Gear and Bloch produce high quality dance wear such as ballet shoes and dance leotards at excellent prices. They have all been providing dancers of all abilities with high quality dancewear for many years.

The two most important items of dancewear for child starting ballet class are soft ballet shoes and the dance leotard. Soft ballet shoes are very lightweight and usually have a leather, canvas or satin upper and suede sole. They’re designed to protect the student’s feet and ankles to enable their feet to remain comfortable whilst at class. The second most important item of dancewear for ballet is the dance leotard. This is a skin tight garment usually made of Lycra. It is designed to be formfitting in order to allow the teacher to see the placement of the dancer’s body. They’re available in a range of different styles such as tank, camisole, cap sleeve, long sleeve, polo neck, frilled and skirted.

If your child is thinking of starting ballet class, it’s a good idea to shop around for their dancewear because prices can vary. It’s a good idea to purchase from a specialist dance shop as they’re able to offer specialist advice about the appropriate dancewear required. Specailist dance shops also stock a wide range of other dance items such as ballet socks, ballet tights and bags so you can get everything in the same place!

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