Ballet Classes - What Your Child Needs

The first thing you need to do when your child decides that they want to attend ballet class is find a good dance teacher and a good dance school. Once you've done this, you will need to find a good place to buy the dance wear that your child will need for the class. The dance teacher should provide a comprehensive list that will include items such as ballet shoes, ballet leotards and ballet tights.

First of all, let's take a look at the ballet shoes. These are soft shoes designed specifically for the art of ballet dancing and are available in leather, canvas and satin. Leather is the hardest wearing but if you're looking for something a little cheaper you should try canvas as they wear relatively well and are easy to maintain. Satin are very attractive to look at but stain easily and wear out quickly so it's best to buy these specifically for auditions or performances. To begin with, your child will need a pair of full sole ballet shoes in order to help develop the muscles in their feet and ankles. They also provide extra support which will help make learning the basics of ballet dancing as easy as possible, allowing them to progress to split sole shoes when they gain more experience.

The next item you will need to consider is the ballet leotard. The leotard offers a number of qualities which are highly important to the dancer. Firstly, it is flexible and formfitting which allows the teacher to easily see the placement of your child's body. This is important in order for the teacher to provide constructive feedback on performance which will help your child advance their dancing ability. To make sure the leotard offers the right fit, it should have a snug fit but still allow your child's body to move freely. It should neither be so tight that it pulls under the arms, nor loose enough to let the neckline hang or feel loose.

Finally, there are your ballet tights and ballet socks which are a requirement of most dance school uniforms. If your child is dancing twice a week, you can just about get away with one pair of tights though it's usually useful to have a spare just in case of any unexpected ladders. If they're dancing more than this, it's definitely best to have at least two or three pairs. There's no need to spend a fortune as you can buy a good pair of ballet tights for just a few pounds but if your child wants something a little more trendy or fashionable, you might have a spend a little more.

You will be able to purchase everything your child needs for ballet classes from any good specialist dance shop. Here, they'll be able to offer specialist advice about all the dance wear your child needs. Buying such a wide range of dance wear can obviously be expensive - especially given that children usually grow at a phenomenal rate! There are many online dance retailers that are able to offer a wide range of dance wear at excellent prices. Most of these will offer quick delivery which means your child can receive everything they need for dance direct to their door.

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