Top Tips For Choosing Good Value Tap Shoes

Tap shoes are available in a wide array of different styles and colours. They're characterised by the toe tap and heel tap which are attached to the sole of the shoe to create the distinctive tapping sound.

The soles of your tap dance shoes will need to be relatively firm so they offer you stability whilst dancing. The soles will often be flat but sometimes have either a low heel or Cuban heel. Most beginners usually learn to tap dance with a lower heel or even a flat heel and advance to heeled shoes as they gain more experience. Similarly, tap shoes can have split soles or full soles. It's usual for beginners to learn with a full sole and progress to a split sole as they become more advanced.

Many tap shoes have the toe taps pre-attached using rivets. This will require an experienced cobbler if they ever require changing though they're a strong fastener and usually very reliable. It is, however, not unusual for the heel tap to be attached using a simple screw. While you can ask your cobbler to fit these, it will take just a few minutes to attach these yourself with a screwdriver.

Make sure your shoes have a solid heel as this will offer a much better quality and nicer sound than those shoes with a hollow heel. A solid heel also enables the heel tap to gain a much stronger hold to the shoe which will make it more likely to stay firmly in place for longer.

A beginner will usually learn to tap dance with a basic pair of basic horseshoe heel taps and basic toe taps. As they become more advanced, they may well choose a pair of taps with a sounding board. Sounding boards allow the tap dancer to fine tune the type of tapping sound created by the tap shoes with slight adjustments of the screw. This ensures the dancer's shoes create the right type of tapping sound required by the dance.

There are many cheap tap shoes on the market but it's a good idea to make sure you buy from a reputable company such as Leo's Dancewear, Bloch, or Capezio. These companies have many years of experience in manufacturing tap shoes for dancers of all abilities. They also produce a wide range of other dancewear such as leotards, jazz shoes, accessories and bags.

Other popular dancewear brands include Pineapple, Roch Valley and Sansha. All of these brands produce a wide range of dancewear designed specifically for dance classes.

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