Which Dance Leotard to Choose

Different styles of dance require different types of dancewear. The odds are that if you’re just about to start dance class you’ll need to buy a dance leotard. This is because the leotard is a close fitting garment which keeps your muscles warm without the need for heavy or baggy clothes. The choice of dance leotards can be quite overwhelming. There are a great number of different styles such as tank, long-sleeved, cap sleeved and polo neck leotards amongst many others; knowing which one to choose can be difficult.

If it’s a ballet class you’re about to attend, it’s usually generally acceptable to wear a plain black dance leotard with ballet tights. However, it’s equally likely that your dance school will have its own uniform. This is because many dance teachers feel that this provides unity among dancers. Your teacher will usually tell you what dance leotard and other dancewear you need for your uniform. Often, this is as simple as choosing a dance leotard in a particular colour, but some dance teachers also ask their students to choose a specific style from a particular brand.

Jazz classes often have a more relaxed approach to uniform but it’s still important for the dance student to choose appropriate dancewear. The dance leotard is an excellent option because it is the only piece of dancewear which really allows both the dance teacher and student to clearly see the placement of the dancer’s body. This allows the teacher to provide constructive feedback to enable the dance student to improve their technique.

Not all styles of dance require a dance leotard. This is particularly true of social styles of dance such as Latin and Ballroom. Often, participants in these classes will be free to wear their everyday clothes or whatever they feel comfortable in. Whilst a student would be free to turn up in the latest dance leotard, it wouldn’t be recommended as they would certainly stand out from the crowd!

When you come to buy your dance leotard, there is no need to spend a fortune. There are many manufacturers that produce high quality dance leotards and other dancewear for dancers from all abilities. These manufacturers include brands such as Bloch, Capezio, Dance Gear, and Roch Valley who have all been producing leotards for many years and their leotards are all very reasonably priced.

You can purchase your dance leotard from any good specialist dance shop. Occasionally, you may find that non-specialist shops stock a small number of dance leotards but dance shops are able to offer specialist advice about all the dance gear you need. Specialist dance shops also stock a wide range of other dance gear such as ballet tights and dance bags so you can get yourself kitted out at the same place.

Whichever style of dance you’ve chosen to take part in, it’s all about having fun! If you’re unsure about which dance leotard or other pieces of dancewear you need, simply ask your teacher and they’ll be more than happy to help!

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